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Professional woman working at her office desk; Grants office

Grants Office

The overall goal of the Grants Office is to increase the grant and sponsored programs portfolio at Benedictine University as well as to raise the profile for BenU. The Grants Office works to support the BenU community in obtaining government, foundation and corporate grants.

Benedictine University receives support from governmental agencies, private foundations and corporations which support research and special projects to enhance teaching, leaning, campus initiatives, and scholarship funds.  In 2022 our grants included funding large and small, private and public, and research and program support.  For further information on these grants, contact Cate Croteau, Director of Institutional Grants and Supported Programs, at [email protected].


Benedictine University encourages the efforts of faculty members and departments to secure funding for research and special projects that enhance teaching, learning and campus initiatives through grants and contracts. Grant funds received from governmental agencies, corporations and private foundations provide the University, its faculty, staff, students and community with program opportunities not ordinarily funded by the University budget.

  • National Endowment for the Humanities
    Rafael. Iglesias, PhD – Creation of Undergraduate Minor in Spanish for Mental Healthcare for Psychology Majors
  • National Science Foundation – ADVANCE
    Lee Ann Smith, PhD – Gender Leadership, Equity and Support
  • National Endowment for the Humanities
    Kaveh Hemmat, PhD – Khataynameh (“Book of China”) Translation Project
  • US Department of Justice – Office of Violence Against Women
    Peter Huff, PhD- Enhancing Awareness and Streamlining Education of Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, Date Violence and Stalking
  • US Department of Agriculture-National Institute of Food and Agriculture
    Catherine Arnold, PhD – Multicultural Scholars Grant Program
  • Arthur J. Schmitt Foundation
    Sandra Gill, PhD – Schmitt Scholars Future Leaders, Outstanding Programming Award
  • The Cuneo Foundation
    Adrian Gonzalez – Cuneo Foundation Scholarships
  • The Council of Independent Colleges
    Greg Ott, PhD – NetVUE – Network for Vocation in Undergraduate Education
  • Illinois State Library
    Sarah Kurpiel – Expanding Digital Inclusion
  • Interfaith Youth Core
    Peter Huff, PhD – Healing and Belonging
  • American College Health Association
    Marco Masini – Campus COVID-19 Vaccination and Mitigation (CoVAC) Initiative
  • Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics
    Annie Lin, PhD – Cancer DietAssist App

Benedictine University collaborates with other institutions of higher education and organizations:

  • National Institute of Health
    With Northwestern University
    Annie Lin, PhD – EAT – Reliable Eating Assessment Development and Testing of a Mental Health Intervention to Promote Healthy Eating
  • US Department of Health and Human Services (HRSA)
    With Vidant Edgecombe Hospital
    Christopher Duffrin, PhD – Rural Health Project Evaluation
  • Indiana Department of Natural Resources
    With Loyola University
    Leigh Anne Harden, PhD – Survey Copperbelly Water Snakes in Northern Indiana
  • National Science Foundation
    With Occidental College
    Anthony DeLegge, PhD – Center for Undergraduate Research in Mathematics – CURM mini Grants
  • National Science Foundation
    With Elmhurst College
    Lee Ann Smith, PhD – Louis Stokes New STEM Pathways Implementation – ONly Alliance: Promotion of Underrepresented Minorities in Academic STEM PUMA-STEM
covid background

COVID Grants

  • DoE HEERF I, II, and III
    Irene Gendel – CARES/CRRSE/ARP – Student
  • DoE HEERF I, II, and III
    Irene Gendel – CARES/CRRSA/ARP – Institutional
  • DoE HEERF I, II, and III
    Irene Gendel – CARES/CRRSA/ARP – MSI

If you are interested in contributing to Benedictine University by way of a corporate or foundation grant, please contact Nicki Anderson, Executive Director of University Development  at [email protected] or (630) 829-6008.