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Mesa, AZ

City of Mesa Continuing Education Partnership

Benedictine University’s collaboration with the City of Mesa to provide a private, liberal arts education for employees, is BenU’s commitment to enhancing various educational opportunities and fostering professional development in the community.

The benefits of attaining an undergraduate degree, graduate degree, or a certificate from a liberal arts college are plentiful:

  • Class Size and Personalized Attention: Are you an individual who thrives in a smaller class setting and personalized attention from faculty? Our classroom emphasizes an intimate learning environment and one-on-one attention from faculty and classmates.
  • Community and Campus Culture: We encourage all our students to take full advantage of the resources available to them. From our facilities, to attending any of our events, or a network of support services, we want our students to thrive in every aspect of their education. Benedictine University is more than an institution; it is a community that embraces diversity, inclusivity, and a commitment to your success. Together, we create an environment where everyone has the opportunity to excel and achieve their goals.
  • Flexibility: BenU offers in-person and online options to provide flexibility for City of Mesa employees to align with your work and life commitments.

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