Transfer Credit Evaluation

Your Credits, Your Dreams, Our Support: Transfer Home to BenU

Maybe things didn’t click at your first school. Maybe your goals evolved. We get it. That’s why Benedictine University isn’t just another transfer destination, it’s a fresh start with respect and support built in.

We know you’ve poured your heart into your coursework, and the last thing you need is another credit transfer headache. That’s why at Benedictine, we don’t waste your time with transfer credit limbo. Our dedicated team partners directly with college deans and department chairs, ensuring your credits are evaluated accurately and promptly. Say goodbye to endless paperwork and bureaucratic nightmares. We value your hard work and want you to hit the ground running, focused on what matters – reaching your academic goals.

How to Transfer Credits

  1. Once you have been admitted to Benedictine University, your transcripts will be evaluated using criteria set forth by the Transfer Credit Policy. The total number of credit hours transferring and course equivalencies in the skills, core electives and major areas will be determined. Department chairs may be consulted when determining equivalencies in the major credit and cognate section. Syllabi may be requested for further evaluation in some cases.

  2. As a part of your evaluation, you will receive an Equivalency Report. The Equivalency Report is a breakdown of how Benedictine University accepts your transferrable credit. Transferable courses will be listed by the institution at which they were completed. Please reference the course notes on your EQ Report for specific course information (if applicable).

  3. The Transfer Credit Evaluation team strives to maintain accuracy, consistency and integrity during every transfer credit evaluation and makes every effort to research the courses completed. If you have questions regarding the transferability or equivalency of your transfer coursework.


  • Get Started Early – Evaluating your credits may take longer than expected, so plan to gather and submit your transcripts, test scores and other materials as soon as possible after applying.

  • One Size Doesn’t Fit All – No two programs, courses or students are the same, so we carefully and thoroughly evaluate courses from hundreds of colleges and universities to give you the most accurate placement in your desired program at BenU. Get a preview of how your credits will transfer using the Transfer Evaluation System (TES) or Transferology to find courses you have taken and compare them with your BenU Program Checklist.

  • Remember to Make it Official – Don’t forget: You can use TES or Transferology to get an overview of your credit equivalencies at any time, but only the results of your official credit evaluation are posted to your BenU transcript, and credit equivalencies may vary. Be sure to submit your transcripts and test scores promptly after applying.

Credits Transferred from Other Institutions

Benedictine University accepts transfer course credit from regionally accredited colleges and universities if the courses are deemed comparable in scope and rigor to courses offered at Benedictine University. Other transfer courses that are commonly regarded as a study in the liberal arts are evaluated on an individual basis. Credit identified as developmental or pre-college in level of study may be used as a basis for placement and advising purposes, but will not be accepted as transfer credit.

Transfer Credit Policy/Practice

Benedictine University will evaluate coursework presented by students from U.S. institutions that are accredited by one of the regional accrediting organizations. Institutions that have been granted candidacy status by a historically regional accrediting association may be considered for transferable coursework. READ MORE in the CATALOG

Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI)

The Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI) is a statewide transfer agreement that provides for the successful transfer of the IAI General Education Core Curriculum (GECC) completion between participating Illinois institutions. READ MORE in the CATALOG

External Credit Programs

Foreign Credit Evaluation

Any student (permanent resident, green card holder, U.S. citizen, or student seeking or currently on a visa) with overseas or foreign credit, will need to have these credits evaluated. Foreign credit evaluations are required to determine a GPA, as well as the U.S. equivalent of credit hours and the degree earned in the home country, if applicable. The evaluation will assist the Office of Admissions in determining if the degree the student holds in their home country fulfills the requirement for the program to which they are applying.

Official evaluations must be submitted to Benedictine University’s Office of Admissions. In order for an evaluation to be considered official, it must be in the original sealed envelope from the evaluating agency. Benedictine University recommends students have one report mailed directly to Benedictine University from the agency and at least one other report mailed to them for personal records.

Benedictine University will take official foreign credit evaluations from Educational Perspectives (EP), Educational Credential Evaluators (ECE) or World Education Services (WES).

Undergraduate candidates should request a high school and university-level “Course by Course” evaluation of credit. Graduate candidates may request a “Course by Course” evaluation of credit. An official evaluation must be sent directly from ECE, EP or WES to Benedictine University. For more information, please contact your admissions representative.

Educational Perspective(312) 421-9300 | [email protected]

Educational Perspectives
P.O. Box A3462
Chicago, IL 60690-3462

Educational Perspectives
55 E. Jackson Blvd.
Suite 2175
Chicago, IL 60604
Educational Credential Evaluators(414) 289-3400 | [email protected]

Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc.
P.O. Box 514070
Milwaukee, WI 53203

Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc.
101 W. Pleasant St.
Suite 200
Milwaukee, WI 53212
World Education

World Education Services
Attention: Documentation Center
Bowling Green Station
P.O. Box 5087
New York, NY 10274

World Education Services
Attention: Documentation Center
64 Beaver St. #146
New York, NY 10004

Include your reference number on all envelopes and documents delivered to WES.