The Honors Committee is pleased to announce the selection of the Senior Awards for 2023-2024.  These students will be recognized at The Night of Honor & Gratitude, scheduled for Saturday, April 27th at 4:00pm.

The Benedictine University Senior Awards annually recognize outstanding students who are earning a bachelor’s degree from Benedictine University. This year we had a particularly strong pool of applicants! We are tremendously proud that so many remarkable students attend our school and we wish them all the best in their future endeavors.

The Awards and the Recipients are as follows.

Benedictine Hallmark Award: Awarded to a student whose life, activities, and achievements while at Benedictine University exemplify one or more of the 10 Benedictine Hallmarks. This has been awarded to Victoria Alvarado.

Resilience Award (former Overcoming Adversity Award): Awarded to a student who demonstrated substantial achievements during their time at Benedictine University despite a personal or financial hardship, which is so significant that in most cases it would have prevented a student from attending and succeeding at Benedictine University. This has been awarded to Michael Wulffe.

Community Service Award:  Awarded to a student for outstanding community service; for example, religious, educational, social, or political activities.  The student must have worked effectively with others and commanded the respect of the organization or activity with which they worked.  This has been awarded to Hiba Siddiqui.

Benedictine University Service Award:  Awarded to a student for outstanding service to the University in general and to fellow students in particular.  The student must have worked effectively with others and commanded the respect of the University community.  This has been awarded to Zohaib Farooq.

The Bishop Daniel Kucera Award: Awarded to a non-traditional student in recognition of their contribution in external service, leadership in their home community, and/or academic achievement while working full-time or running a home, etc. This has been awarded to Lisa O’Brien.

Thomas J. Dyba Leadership Award:  Awarded to a student for outstanding ability to initiate and organize worthwhile activities, to encourage and direct the cooperative efforts of others and to command respect as a campus leader.  This has been awarded to Ali Ebraheemi.

Awards in Academic Honors:  The awards in academic honors are conferred on students from across the University who have distinguished themselves by positive achievements in the realm of their major field of study.  It is recommended that candidates for these honors should have earned a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.5.  Students should have completed research or a scientific procedure of some consequence, conducted an experiment or investigation of positive value to their field of study, published in the field or won an election on the basis of competence in their field.

College of Science and Health:  Jacob Pipowski

College of Liberal Arts:  Samiha Syed

School of Education: Alexis Langford

Procopian Award:  The highest honor that can be bestowed on a student is the Procopian Award.  This award is given for consistently outstanding curricular and extra-curricular activities while at Benedictine University.  The award signifies that scholarship, leadership, and service are exemplified by the student.  This has been awarded to Ayesha Moosani.

The Honors Committee is composed of: Dr. Darya Aleinikava (Chair), Dr. Catherine Arnold, Dr. Christopher Birks, Dr. Namhoon August Lee, Dr. Elaine Davies, Director of Academic Accommodations and Accessibility, and Marco Masini, Dean of Students.

Also recognized are the recipients for the Awards for the Communication Arts program:
Courtney Croft Excellence in Communication Arts – Neha Mazhari
Print Media Excellence Award – Nick Schlagel
Electronic Media Excellence Award – Neha Mazhari
Research Excellence Award – Chloe Drozdz

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