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Marketing and Communications

The BenU Marketing & Communications team offers a broad array of services aimed at promoting the university’s image, engaging stakeholders, and supporting the institution’s strategic goals. Here’s a list of services such teams typically provide:

  • Brand Management: Developing and maintaining the university’s brand identity, ensuring consistency across all platforms and materials.
  • Social Media Management: Creating and curating content for social media platforms, engaging with followers, and analyzing social media trends to enhance the university’s presence and reach.
  • Website Management and Development: Ensuring the university’s website is up-to-date, user-friendly, and accurately represents the university’s brand and offerings.
  • Internal Communications: Keeping faculty, staff, and students informed about university news, policies, and events through newsletters, emails, and intranet updates.
  • Design Services: Designing print and digital materials, such as brochures, banners, and reports, that are visually appealing and align with the university’s branding.

Estimated turnaround for website requests In general, we ask for 2-4 business days after receiving final content for routine website updates. New and major website enhancement requests will require a customized plan, beginning at 10 business days. Every reasonable effort will be made to ensure issues marked as “urgent” will receive same or next day attention.

Please note: submitting the forms above does not guarantee our team can take on this project, as we may need to learn more and determine if we’re able to provide the support you’ll need.


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