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Anonymous Reporting / Silent Witness Report Form

Anonymous Reporting/Silent Witness Report Form

The SILENT WITNESS REPORT FORM allows for the anonymous reporting of crime on campus to Campus Safety.  When you use the SILENT WITNESS REPORT FORM, the only thing we receive is the information reported. We do not know who the sender is, as the system is designed to block out email addresses.

If you observed someone commit a crime on campus or are thinking about reporting a misdeed, but do not want to become involved, you can submit an anonymous message to us at the bottom of this webpage by completing the SILENT WITNESS REPORT FORM.

You can maintain your anonymity and be civically responsible in reporting crimes, misdeeds, parking complaints, traffic complaints or other issues, and provide any comments/suggestions to Campus Safety by completing the SILENT WITNESS REPORT FORM.

If you are involved in or are a bystander to a crime, there are several resources and options available. You may report the crime anonymously by completing the SILENT WITNESS REPORT FORM.

*In addition to reporting to Campus Safety, crimes of gender-based violence (including sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence and stalking) can be reported anonymously to Title IX. Visit the Title IX webpage or PEACE Team webpage for more information on resources and options. Any gender-based violence crimes that are reported, in good faith, will not be subject to alcohol or drug violations of our student Code of Conduct.

Please keep in mind that in order for Campus Safety to protect the campus community and send out emergency notifications, we will need to know some basic information.

Please provide the following:

  • Location of the sexual misconduct crime,
  • Date of the sexual misconduct crime,
  • Time of day,
  • Description of the incident,
  • Description or name of the perpetrator,
  • Is the person still a threat to you?
  • Is the person still on campus?
  • Is there any physical evidence (video, clothing, bedding)?
  • Name(s) of witness(es) or bystander(s) and ability to contact them if applicable.