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respiratory care

Respiratory Care 3+2


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Respiratory therapists partner with patient’s health care team to apply scientific principles to prevent, identify and treat acute or chronic dysfunction of the cardiopulmonary system. Patients represent diverse populations, from newborns and children to adults and the elderly.

Benedictine University partners with Rush University as the only institution in Illinois to offer a respiratory therapist master’s degree. The Master of Science in Respiratory Care program has a uniquely designed curriculum that offers outstanding leadership and advanced practice preparation in multiple areas, including critical care, neonatal care and cardiopulmonary diagnostics.

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Students in the Respiratory Care program have the opportunities to:

Perform patient assessment, care plan development and respiratory care protocol administration.
Combine advanced coursework with diverse clinical fieldwork and research to thoroughly prepare students for careers as advanced-level respiratory therapists.
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How does the program work?

The 3+2 program between Benedictine University’s undergraduate BA degree in Biology and Rush University’s master’s program in Respiratory Care is uniquely designed for leadership and advanced practice preparation. Rush’s master’s program, which is typically full-time and lasts two years, combines advanced coursework with diverse clinical fieldwork and research to thoroughly prepare students for careers as advanced-level respiratory therapists.

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B.A. and M.S.

When you major in Biology (BA) as part of the 3+2 program in Respiratory Care at Benedictine University, you will follow a three-year sequence of liberal arts and science courses. You are required to maintain a GPA of 3.0 or better. Before March 1 of your junior year, you will have the opportunity to apply to Rush University’s Master of Science program. Successful completion of the entire 3+2 program results in a Bachelor of Arts degree from Benedictine University and a Master of Science degree from Rush University.

Program Highlights

  • Rush University offers the only respiratory care master’s degree program in Illinois.
  • Students gain hands-on experience at top-tier academic medical centers in Chicago.
  • The program prepares students for entry-level and advanced respiratory therapist exams.
  • Students experience Rush’s innovative practitioner-teacher model in which faculty assume multiple roles as educators, researchers and practitioners.
  • The programs have a low student-to-faculty ratio, ensuring that each student receives individualized attention.
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Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care

Rush’s respiratory care programs hold a letter of review from the Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care. This status ensures that all students who complete the program are eligible for the examinations given by the National Board for Respiratory Care and state licensure in Illinois.