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Medical Humanities


medical personnel standing with arms crossed holding a stethoscope, image has white overlay; Medical humanities minor

The 21st century global environment demands scientific researchers and medical professionals who are not only experts, but are also ethically grounded and psychologically informed.

This includes doctors, nurses and specialized researchers who are attuned to global conditions, and take seriously their professional responsibility as stewards of humanity and the planet. The  minor in medical humanities promote consideration of the whole person – integrates the fields of humanities (literature, philosophy, ethics, history and religion), social science (anthropology, cultural studies, psychology and sociology) and the arts (literature, film and visual arts) and their application to life science education and practice.

physician looking at notepad while resident copies information; medical humanities minor

Students in the Medical Humanities program have the opportunities to:

Learn the interconnectedness and relevance to life of the disciplines that are the object of academic study
Make productive connections between practical knowledge, daily activities, values and relationships with others and the environment.
Gain exposure to current ideas and practices that humanize the medical and life sciences.
image of a clipboard, stethoscope, pen, and keyboard on a table; medical humanities minor

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Minor Requirements - Lisle

Critical and Ethical Tools

Our future professionals will learn critical and ethical tools that will enable them to transform their profession, and to remain informed and engaged throughout their lives.

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Global Responsibility

Our students will have the ability to collaboratively plan and execute projects that demonstrate a willingness and ability to work positively with others and perform service activities that connect professional ability with societal and global responsibility.