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St. Benedict Chapel, 5th floor Kindlon Hall

Interfaith Studies Emphasis

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The Interfaith Studies Emphasis aims to help students of any major become interfaith leaders conversant in the theory and practice of interfaith engagement, as related to a variety of disciplines, their future career, and community, peace & justice issues.

When completing this Emphasis, you will learn transferable skills (especially “dialoguing across differences” –religious, cultural, racial, political, etc.), integrate interfaith studies into almost any major, and become more attractive on the job market, given the diversity of Chicagoland and our country, and the great need for such sensitivity in any field.

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Students taking the Interfaith Studies Emphasis will have the opportunities to:

Demonstrate the ability to speak across religious, cultural, and other differences in a variety of settings.
Compare the teachings and practices of at least two world religions.
Understand interreligious topics in an interdisciplinary manner.
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Interfaith Studies Requirements

The Interfaith Studies Emphasis requires the completion of 12 credit hours (4 courses) plus one co-curricular course (Learning Community). The “Emphasis” designation will be listed on the transcript.

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