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female student sitting on railing holding books in Goodwin Hall

Gender Studies


hand placing a wooden block with an "unequal sign" between block with female gender symbol and male gender symbol; gender studies minor

The Gender Studies minor provides students with the opportunity to examine gender representation and identity.

The requirements for this minor allows students to learn more about different cultures, religions, societies, and more. Students will learn and demonstrate an understanding of the interconnection of gender, race, class, ethnicity, and religion as constructs through which differences appear in various institutions and societies.

female student sitting on couch working on laptop; gender studies minor

Students in the Gender Studies minor program will have the opportunities to:

Demonstrate an understanding of the ways in which including a gender analysis enhances other fields of study.
Gain an appreciation for gender equality and inclusion as part of a larger social justice vision.
Explain how applying a gender lens change commonly held conclusions within a specific field of study.
stack of books with colorful sticky tabs in each book; gender studies

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Minor Requirements - Lisle

Appreciation for gender equality

Student in the gender studies program will be able to demonstrate appreciation for gender equality and inclusion as part of a larger social justice vision.  They will be able to identify the negative consequences of failing to include a specific focus on gender in social justice work, and will be encouraged to provide at least one specific example of their personal efforts to promote gender justice.

Students with laptops/books seated in a classroom