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Art Therapy Minor


black and white photo of paint color sample cards; image has white overlay graphic arts and design

The minor in Art Therapy is an interdisciplinary program of study that combines the disciplines of  Psychology and Visual Art.

The discipline exposes students to a creative form of psychotherapy which interfaces with art. Its primary goal is to actualize deep personal growth, promote community development, and facilitate personal healing. Through the creative process of fashioning artworks, including psychological reflection on those artworks, people can gain a deeper awareness of self and others, increase their ability to cope with stress and traumatic experiences, learn how to self-soothe, and make healing connections.

Male and female students working in class

Students in the Art Therapy Minor have the opportunities to:

Obtain the LCPC license to provide a broader option in administering therapeutic practice as a counselor.
Experience creativity in the context of healing and self-discovery.