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Bulosan’s Art Featured in “More Than Lumpia” at The Catacombs Gallery

James Bulosan, Assistant Professor of Art Therapy and Ceramics, is currently presenting his work in the “More The Lumpia” exhibition at the Epiphany Center for the Arts’ Catacombs Gallery.

From the Epiphany Center’s website: “More Than Lumpia” is a groundbreaking exhibition that seeks to amplify the voices. and narratives of Filipino-American artists, showcasing their talent, creativity, and contributions to the art world. By exploring the Filipino-American experience through visual arts, this exhibit aims to challenge stereotypes, promote representation, and foster a more inclusive art community. (Read the entire release here)

James also did an interview: Reset with Sasha-Ann Simons, Expanding the Filipino American identity through art (WBEZ Chicago) in which they discuss how “More Than Lumpia” aims to explore Filipino American identity and challenge stereotypes by showcasing the work of artists in that space. (NPR interview photo: Cesar Conde curator, James Bulosan, Sasha-Ann Simons host, Abby Mendoza artist)

The “More Than Lumpia” exhibition will be at The Catacombs at Epiphany Center for the Arts from October 6 to November 17. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit Epiphany Center, “More than Lumpia” website.

James Bulosan artworkPhoto curtesy of  James Bulosan
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