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BenU Thaakat Chapter President and Founder Visits DREAM Schools

The President and Founder of the Benedictine Thaakat Chapter, Maryam Malkana, recently had the remarkable opportunity to witness firsthand the transformative work being done by one of the nonprofit’s initiatives—the Pakistan DREAM schools. With five campuses under its wing, this initiative stands out as a beacon of hope, offering free education to thousands of disadvantaged children and, in doing so, paving a path for them towards a brighter future. The Thaakat Foundation’s dedication to empowering the less fortunate is truly awe-inspiring.

The foundation’s commitment to uplifting underprivileged communities is nothing short of inspiring. It’s not just about providing classrooms and textbooks; it’s about nurturing dreams and breaking the cycle of poverty. The impact of their work ripples through the students’ families and the entire community.

Looking ahead, the President hopes to amplify the message and mission of the Thaakat Foundation within the Benedictine community. Through the chapter’s efforts, we aim to elevate awareness and support for this noble cause, fostering a spirit of global solidarity and compassion on our campus.

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