Infectious Disease Policy

A medical note from a licensed medical provider will be required of any student suspected of/or diagnosed with a communicable or infectious disease.


To prevent the spread of communicable or infectious disease to the campus community.


A student suspected of having a communicable or infectious disease will be evaluated by Student Health Services or a medical provider. Student will provide medical documentation to confirm or verify absence of communicable disease or infection.

Documentation will include:

  • Diagnoses and treatment, wound care if applicable
  • Anticipated length of isolation
  • Activity restrictions
  • Ability to return to school, campus, residence halls i.e., student is no longer infectious
  • Continued plan of care and the duration of such care

Measures to prevent further transmission of disease or infection will be enacted by Student Health Services in collaboration with the offices of Student Life and Campus Services.  These measures may include, but are not limited to:

  • Basic Hygiene
  • Covering of open wounds
  • Discouraging students from sharing personal items
  • Appropriate laundering of soiled clothing and linens
  • Cleaning of environmental surfaces
  • Distribution of information to the campus community

Nursing Staff will contact DuPage County Health Department as deemed necessary.

Health Tip
Hand washing is your best defense against colds, flu, and germs.
Remember to wash hands after using keyboards and the mouse, and especially before eating meals