Student Life

Clubs & Organizations

Green Club

Alpha Sigma Lambda / Lambda Delta
Alpha Sigma Lambda is the largest chapter based national honor society for full and part-time adult students. The organization recognizes adult students’ academic achievements. Students age 24 and above that have a minimum of 24 graded credit hours through AAA (Adult Accelerated Associates) Program, a GPA of 3.2 (on a 4.0 scale) or higher and are in the highest 10% of the class are eligible for membership.

Art Club
Art Club is an organization for anyone interested in the visual arts, and not necessarily just for artists. The Art Club is an interactive group with varied interests and projects. The Art Club has created communal paintings, sponsored children's art activities, raised money for the student book fund through trivia nights and painting the campus Bulldog Paws. Each semester the Art Club sponsors a bus trip to visit museums or cultural centers, such as the Chicago Art Institute, the Indianapolis Museum of Fine Arts, and St. Louis Art Museum. 

Advisor– Marianne Stremsterfer

Chemistry Club
Established in 2008, the Chemistry Club promotes the science of chemistry and the related physical sciences. Through the use of seminars, group discussions, chemical demonstrations, and guest speakers, topics of chemistry are explored. Social events include the celebration of Mole Day and National Chemistry Week.

Advisor – Gwen Baumann

Education Forum
The Education Forum, in cooperation with the Benedictine Mission statement for elementary education majors, is an opportunity for all elementary Education Majors to engage in professional development and community outreach outside of regular coursework, have access to resources to supplement coursework and future teaching positions, and improve communication as well as support in meeting the requirement of the teacher education program.

Advisor – Joan McGrath

Green Club

The Green Club raises environmental awareness on campus with the Reduce, Reuse and Recycle campaign as well as through activities and events on campus and in the community. The Green Club hosts street cleanup days and has worked on campus beautification projects.

Advisor – Dave Holland and Julia Leischner

Health Sciences Club

The Health Science Club provides it’s members with a deeper foundation and background on their proposed discipline by exposing them to various experiences within the health field and general sciences. Members will also investigate various career opportunities including teaching and research with hands on methods for both science and health fields.

International Club
The International Club provides international and local students with opportunities to gather socially and to raise international awareness on campus. The club offers opportunities for students, faculty, and staff members to interact with international students and to learn about many aspects of different cultures.

Advisor – Lynette Shaw-Smith

Investment Club

The mission of the investment club is to educate the members in the field of trading securities, to create a group –oriented environment conducive to learning, and to provide a balanced appreciate of the club’s investment portfolio.

Advisor – Dave Saner

Literary Club

The mission of the Literary club is to encourage, explore, and engage works of literature from all genres in a variety of ways, promoting an appreciation for the written word a an art form and a commentary on “us,” its students and teachers. The Literary Club will approach reading and writing through group readings, discussion of classic works from the canon and contemporary writings on the current market, creative writing workshops, reading for the public to attend, literary events in the surrounding area, opportunities to see, hear, and meet authors, and so on. Membership is limited to students, but faculty, and staff participation is welcomed and encouraged.

Advisor – Amy Lakin

Student Activity Council

The Student Activity Council is a volunteer student run organization that creates and promotes activities and events for the students, faculty and staff. In addition, the SAC provides and approves funding for recognized SCI student organizations. The council consists of various committees and works directly with the Dean of Student Affairs.

Advisor – Holly Rae Blandford

Student Government

The purpose of Student Government is to represent the student body and provide an example of leadership and involvement in the community, school and decision making process. Meetings are open to all students, however only representatives may vote. Representatives are elected every semester and are required to have completed at least one semester at Benedictine University at Springfield and have a GPA of at least 2.0.

Advisor – Kevin Broeckling