Student Life

student life

Welcome to the Student Life page of Benedictine University at Springfield!

The Student Affairs staff at Benedictine University at Springfield is diverse and passionate about student success and progress. 

Leaving high school or a job and attending college can be a difficult transition for students – young or experienced.  Oftentimes, such a  transition means leaving a familiar space, good friends, teachers and administrators, additional demands on one’s time to attend campus where you may not know many other students, are not familiar with the classes and classrooms, and are unsure of how challenging their professors and classes will be.  It can be very difficult and stressful!

The student affairs team at Benedictine University understand the challenges associated with such a transition.  On our campus, you will be challenged in the classroom, but as importantly, you will find individuals who care, who work to assist your success and who are dedicated to student support, learning and development. 

We are a campus that is driven by our values:

  • a search for God by oneself and with others
  • a tradition of hospitality
  • an appreciation for living and working in community
  • a concern for the development of each person
  • an emphasis for a life lived in balance
  • a dedication to responsible stewardship of the earth
  • a commitment of academic excellence

Within the Student Affairs Office, you will find a place to go for advocacy and answers for the questions you don't know who to turn to ask.  I encourage you to contact me directly with any questions or concerns you may have during your attendance to Benedictine University.

Welcome to Benedictine University - we look forward to helping you meet your educational and career goals!


Holly Rae Blandford
Dean of Students
Student Life and Services