Financial Aid

How to Apply

The FAFSA is required for all federal, state and Benedictine University need-based assistance. It should be completed as soon as possible after January 1st.


Have your completed U.S. Federal Income Tax returns readily available when completing the FAFSA. Estimated data can be used and updated later.

Apply for a PIN at If you are required to provide parent information, one parent must also sign the FAFSA and will need their own pin to do so.


Include Benedictine University's school code: 001767 so the results of your FAFSA application will automatically be sent to our financial aid office.

What Happens Next?

Some students are selected for Verification. These students are required to submit additional documents before financial aid can be awarded.

All students who apply for financial aid will receive a financial aid award letter. The letter will include the types of assistance and award amounts the student is eligible to receive.

Students, who wish to decline a financial aid award or reduce the amount of the award, must sign and return their award letter within fourteen (14) days of receipt.

In order to ensure loan funds are credited in a timely manner, students should ensure a Master Promissory Note has been completed and Entrance Loan Counseling has been confirmed.

Funds awarded will be credited to the student's tuition account after the add/drop period is over.