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Illinois Residency Requirements


All recipients of the Illinois Student Assistance Monetary Award Program (ISAC MAP) must be able to provide verification of residency in the state of Illinois.

For MAP purposes, the parent of the dependent student must physically reside in Illinois, and Illinois must be their permanent home.

An independent student must have resided in Illinois for 12 continuous months prior to start of classes of the academic year the student is applying for the MAP grant to be considered an Illinois resident. The State of Illinois must be their permanent home.

The following are examples of documents that may be collected for verification of Illinois residency. For an independent student, the documentation must indicate that the student resided in Illinois for the previous 12 continuous months.

  • Parent's (or student's, if independent) valid federal or state of Illinois income tax for the prior year;

  • Illinois driver's license (Valid);

  • Utility or rent bills in the parent's (or independent student's) name;

  • Illinois auto registration card;

  • Statement of benefits history from the Illinois Department of Public Aid;

  • Residential lease in the parent's (or independent student's) name;

  • Statement of benefits from the Illinois Department of Employment Security;

  • State of Illinois identification card issued by the Secretary of State;

  • Illinois voter registration card;

  • Illinois high school diploma or transcript;

  • Wages and tax statement (W-2); or

  • Property tax bill.

With the exception of the Illinois tax return, all documentation needs to be issued one year prior to the start of the academic year to be used for the Illinois residency requirement.

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