Traditional Admission Requirements

The following materials are needed before a student may be accepted into Benedictine University at Springfield. A student is responsible for having all credentials sent to the College. Your application will be considered for admission as soon as all of your credentials are received; students are notified of acceptance on a rolling basis.

  • Graduation from an accredited high school or completion of a General Education Development Certificate (GED).
  • Official transcript(s) from high school for freshman and transfer students with less than 20 transferable credit hours.
  • Official transcript(s) from all colleges and universities previously attended.
  • Health Form.
  • ACT, SAT, GED or TOEFL** (if applicable) scores.
  • English Language proficiency.
  • A personal interview with the Director of Enrollment Services and/or additional testing may be required of some applicants.

1) Apply to Benedictine University at Springfield (select a, b, or c)

  • Apply online
  • Download a hard copy
  • Call the Admissions Office at (217) 525-1420 and we will mail an application to you.

2) Request that your official high school transcripts, official ACT or SAT scores, and high school guidance counselor letter of recommendation (if applicable) be sent to:

Benedictine University at Springfield, Admissions Office
1500 N. Fifth St.
Springfield, IL  62702.

3) Your admission representative may request additional materials if you did not meet the minimum admission requirements.  You may be asked to submit:

  • A personal statement
  • Seventh semester transcripts

4) Once your completed application has been received and reviewed an admissions representative will personally contact you by phone with your admission status.

Benedictine University at Springfield has rolling admissions and thus does not have a deadline for accepting new applications for the Fall semester.  We encourage traditional undergraduate students to apply within their first semester of their senior year of high school.  The application review process takes approximately one week.  Once your completed application has been received and reviewed an admission representative will personally contact you by phone with your admission status.  Prospective freshmen should accept the offer of admission and pay the tuition deposit no later than May 1 to secure their spot for the incoming Freshmen class.

Benedictine University at Springfield recommendations for Freshmen Admission:

  • 2.5/4.0 GPA
  • 21 ACT/980-1010 SAT
  • Top 50 percent of graduating class
  • Letter of recommendation from high school guidance counselor

Personal Statement
If students do not meet the above requirements, they are encouraged to submit a minimum one page personal statement.  The topic of this personal statement is “What are your academic strengths and how will they help you at Benedictine?”  The personal statement is meant to be a reflection of past academic coursework as well as your writing ability.  It is necessary that you provide all relevant information about your academic performance and high school experience.

Admissions Committee
The Admissions Committee meets weekly to review applications for prospective students who do not meet the minimum admission requirements.  The Admission Committee looks for well-rounded students who will be successful and contribute to the Benedictine University community.
If you have any specific questions about admission requirements, your personal statement or the Admission committee, please contact admissions at 217-525-1420 ext 287.

You must complete the following steps in order to secure your place in our Fall 2012 class.  Your transition to Benedictine will be easy when you follow these steps:

  1. Become an active member of our Benedictine University at Springfield Class of 2016.  Get answers to your most pressing questions from new friends on the site as well as our helpful Admissions staff.
  2. Complete necessary enrollment steps by May 1 to commit to Benedictine and begin in the Fall 2012:
    • Every incoming freshman is required to take the math placement exam. The purpose is to place a student into the appropriate math course and to help ensure the student has the skills required to be successful in that particular course.  The placement exams may be waived if students have scored a 23 in Math or 21 in English on the ACT exam. Fall 2012 freshmen will need to complete Math and Writing placement exams, for test dates contact your Admissions Representative to schedule the testing at (217) 525-1420, ext. 287

      You may find study materials for the math placement exam at the following link:

    • Pay the $75 tuition deposit to secure your registration at Benedictine University at Springfield.  
    • After you complete your placement tests and submit your tuition deposit, you will be able to register for fall classes beginning on March 3, 2012.  R.S.V.P. for one of the Preferred Advising Days for Fall 2012.
  3. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as soon as possible. We suggest that you complete before April 2012. Remember to include our School Code: 001767.
  4. Submit a completed Housing Contract and pay the $300 housing deposit to reserve your campus living space. Space is limited and available on a first come, first served basis. Note: students that submit a housing deposit are not required to submit a tuition deposit.
  5. Submit a complete Health Form to the Admissions Office by June 1, 2012.
  6. Submit your Advanced Placement Test scores or official transcripts for any college level coursework previously completed to Benedictine University at Springfield Admissions Office.
  7. Submit your final official high school transcripts with degree conferral to Benedictine University at Springfield’s Admissions Office by September 1, 2012 to make your admission file complete.
  8. Participate in New Student Orientation events.
  9. Go to class!  The first day of school is Monday, August 27, 2012.

Selecting a college can be a difficult decision, especially with so many options from which to choose. You will visit many colleges and universities and speak with many admissions representatives. You will hear various stories and learn about some of the qualities that differentiate universities and colleges. Some schools will share the same qualities, while others may be very different. Here at Benedictine, we do not focus on the typical traditional traits of colleges and universities. WE GO BEYOND THEM!

We go beyond standards, and excel to Benedictine Values!

Hospitality – Benedictine University promotes diversity and believes that learning from others is just as important as learning within the lecture halls. Students at Benedictine meet and interact with students from all over the world. This diverse environment allows students to discover another perspective and learn from other students' life experiences, creating an enhanced educational experience.

Search for God by oneself and with others – Our strong Catholic tradition and Benedictine heritage promote acceptance and understanding of other religions and ethnicities. The search for God is the search for Truth, which connects all people.

An appreciation for living and working in community – Benedictine University promotes a sense of togetherness among peers and professors and encourages interaction with the outside community. This value instills in us the need to represent ourselves and Benedictine in the best light when outside of the University community.

Development of each person – Benedictine University promotes self-growth and improvement. We seek to help each student transform their potential into the realization of goals and accomplishments.

Emphasis on a life lived in balance – Juggling school, work, athletics and student organizations can be difficult, but at Benedictine University we focus on the need for students to enjoy all aspects of life in such way that one does not overwhelmed the other.

Dedication to responsible stewardship of the earth – Benedictine University promotes community service and "living green." We are continually seeking to develop new and better ways to help the environment.

We go beyond lecture halls

Small class – Our average class size is 15 students; the student-to-faculty ratio is 15:1.

Interaction with peers and professor – The Benedictine University community plays a key role in assisting students in the achievement of their goals. Students gain a better understanding of academic material specifically and the University experience in general through personal interaction with professors.

Professor accessibility – Students are encouraged to remain after class with additional questions, take advantage of office hours, and even utilize cell phone numbers that are provided if students require assistance while at home.

Teaching Assistants available outside classroom hours – Students who have excelled in a particular class are handpicked by the professor to offer outside assistance. These tutors offer their experiences and expertise to help students with study sessions and test preparation outside the classroom.

Resource Center – The Resource Center is a study resource for tutoring in math, writing, science and economics. Academic resources and staff are made available to students to ensure that their weakest subjects do not prohibit them from succeeding at Benedictine.

Internships – Real on-the-job experiences allow students to gain confidence and assurance of their major or profession that they are considering. Internships are also a useful tool for making important career connections and enhancing what students learn in the classroom.

We go beyond the typical major

Practicum and Observation hours – This allows students to gain a more thorough understanding of specific professions. For example, students are able to shadow doctors at nearby hospitals, and education students are able to observe teachers in the classroom.

Experienced professors who have worked in the field in which they teach – Benedictine University professors bring real world experience to the classroom. They are able to provide advice and information about the current and future trends of the industry in which students are interested. Professors also assist students to make the necessary professional connections for internships.

Unique course work – Benedictine University faculty constantly push the envelope by creating academic programs and coursework that will allow our students to be competitive and prepared for career opportunities now and in the future. We encourage students to add a minor or a foreign language to increase their marketability in an increasingly competitive job market.

Strong Liberal Arts Core Curriculum – Our liberal arts courses provide an excellent foundation that allows graduates to adapt to any environment. These courses – such as writing, speech and humanities – focus on ensuring student are well-rounded individuals.

We go beyond winning

Living in balance – Benedictine University wants to ensure that our athletes succeed on the field and in the classroom. That is why the athletic programs at Benedictine focus on the balance between student and athlete. Study sessions organized by coaches provide additional support outside the classroom.

Coaches as mentors – Our coaches serve as mentors and help students transition from high school to college. They go beyond issues that students deal with on the field. They are listeners and advisors regarding real-life issues that confront students.

Champions who lead – Our athletic programs help student-athletes acquire character traits that will help them throughout their lives, such as leadership, teamwork, dedication, commitment, overcoming adversity and the pursuit of excellence. These attributes are what every employer is looking for in a potential employee.

Friendships for life – The athletic programs at Benedictine University help student-athletes develop friendships and encourage them to demonstrate support for fellow student-athletes.

We go beyond attending college. Our students experience it.

Residence Hall living – By living in the residence halls, students enjoy a unique experience that allows them to connect with other students and make lifetime friends.

Getting involved – There are more than 20 student organizations at Benedictine University that provide students with the opportunity to get involved and meet other students . Students can also create their own clubs.

The Doghouse – formerly known as The Café, houses the campus store and cafe`, has become the hangout of choice for Benedictine students. The Doghouse features televisions and space for large gatherings. Many student activities are held in the Doghouse, including the popular Tunes at Noon

Intramural sports – Don't have time for the commit to one of our 17 team sports, but you still like to be competitive? Intramural sports are a great way to meet friends in a competitive environment. We offer, basketball, wiffle ball,  video games, flag football, indoor soccer and dodgeball.

If you are currently enrolled in Advanced Placement classes at your high school and are planning on taking the Advanced Placement Exam, you may be eligible to receive college level credit.  Please contact an Academic Advisor to determine the score needed to obtain college-level credit and to learn about course equivalency.

If you are currently enrolled in Advanced Placement classes at your high school and are planning on taking the Advanced Placement Exam, you may be eligible to receive college level credit.  Please contact an Academic Advisor to determine the score needed to obtain college-level credit and to learn about course equivalency.

We hope that the following  resources will help your students and their parents successfully navigate  through the college search and decision process. If you have any questions,  please feel free to contact us at (217) 525-1420.

Admission Process: Information on how to apply for admission to Benedictine University at Springfield.

Admission Requirements: Benedictine University at Springfield's requirements for freshmen admission.

Advising: The Advising Office is available to assist full and part time students in planning their academic work. 

Athletics: NAIA  

Core RequirementsWe recommend students take four years of English, three years of mathematics, three years of science, three years of social sciences and two years of a single foreign language in high school.     

Residence Life: Students may want to check out our residence  life page or take a tour of campus.

Request Information

Student Activities: Students will have plenty to do with many clubs and organizations from which to choose. 

Safety and Security: Benedictine continually works to maintain an  environment conducive to our educational mission.

Visit Us: Attend one of our many open house events or  schedule an individual campus visit.


5 Easy Steps to Attending Benedictine University at Springfield
  1. Campus Visit
  2. Apply (send transcripts)
  3. Health Form
  4. Submit Financial Aid - FAFSA
  5. Register for classes
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