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We read to know that we are not alone.

—C.S. Lewis

And so we write to explore that unknown space in which we already know each other. 
—David Logan


The Creative Writing Concentration

For Majors in Communication Arts or Writing and Publishing
David Logan
Lead Faculty Writing & Publishing

The Communication Arts or Writing and Publishing major with the concentration in Creative Writing enables students with a background or interest in the following: writing original works for publication or production; editing, layout, and design in the publishing field; writing as a columnist, journalist, or freelancer; creating marketing and/or advertisement copy; producing  and/or editing original multimedia works, including film, radio, and web; and more. 

Quiddity International Literary Journal and companion public radio program are housed on the Benedictine University at Springfield campus. The journal offers Writing & Publishing and Communication Art students an opportunity to learn how a journal is created—from reading submissions for possible acceptance all the way up to the journal's biannual release gala, and every step in between. Students will have the opportunity to meet and work with authors from around the world, as well as attend the annual AWP conference to experience the writing, publishing, and marketing world firsthand.
A great poet once said that the best creative works are both personal and universal at once, much like prayer is both individual and communal in the same moment and in the same space. And so a writer and audience can find one another in a narrative that is written from such a personal place, and is then cast out upon the world with some hope and some risk—and yet it explores such a universal truth that it can reignite an often lost personal experience when read by a complete stranger. And the bond is created—author and reader—deeply, irrevocably, by chance, and by design. 


Communication Arts majors wishing to pursue the concentration in Creative Writing take LITR 269 and choose an additional 9 hours of coursework from the following courses:  

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