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Students are the lifeblood of any university. Through the collaborative efforts of our various offices, we help students make informed choices about continuing their education. We provide a welcoming atmosphere that reflects the best of the Benedictine values of hospitality and a concern for the development of each individual.

Lisa Darnell
Assistant Director of Transfer Enrollment 

Hometown: Addison, Illinois.

Major and college: Benedictine University Class of 2007. BA Political Science, Minors: Communication Arts and Psychology. Currently enrolled in the Masters of Business Administration program.

How long I've been at the University: I enrolled at Benedictine University in August of 2003 as an incoming Freshmen student. I graduated in Spring of 2007 and began working in the Department of Financial Aid in February of 2008. In February of 2009 I transitioned over to the University's Enrollment Conversion Team until I began working in Admissions in October of 2009.

My advice for students looking to transfer is:  Know yourself! You've tried out another institution of higher education, so you know some of what you are looking for. Know what environment you thrive and what kind of services and opportunities you are looking to realize. College is a wonderful investment -- and your next years are full of new faces, friends, cultures, knowledge, self learning, study abroad and becoming the person you want to become! Don't be afraid to ask tough questions, make sure you are getting everything you want and need out of your college experience!

My favorite spot on campus is: The Kindlon Hall Coffee Shop! They have so much good food! It's nice to just take a break for a few minutes and grab a cup of tea.

In my free time you can find me: Spending time with my best friends, going for walks, or having conversations over coffee.

Something people don't know about me is:  I'm really passionate about the environment. I am always looking for ways to lessen my impact on our planet. This has lead me to change a lot of things about my lifestyle—like becoming vegan and a highly educated consumer. I always want to know where the products I buy are coming from and how they were created. It has been a very eye-opening experience.

What really stands out for me about Benedictine University is: The community. Everyone here is so friendly and willing to take the time to know you as a person. You come to Benedictine as a name and a face, not a number. It is refreshing.

I would describe Benedictine University as: Home. You spend so many years of your life here, see many of the same faces on a daily basis….it truly has become my second home.

Right now my iPod is probably playing: Canasta. They are a fabulous Orchestral Pop band from Chicago. Check them out! My favorite song is currently 'Reading the Map Upside Down.'

Jenny Erickson
International Admission Counselor

Hometown: Lockport

Major and college: Political Science and English Language and Literature at Benedictine University

How long I've been at the University: Since June 2009

My advice for students looking to transfer is: Be sure to contact our office as soon as you are interested in transferring, the earlier the better! Also, save any course descriptions or syllabi from your overseas credit. These documents help our transfer credit evaluators' award the most accurate credit.

My favorite spot on campus is: Sitting on a bench outside or enjoying a coffee in the Coal Ben

In my free time you can find me: With my friends and family at a barbecue!

Something people don't know about me is: I have traveled to China twice. I enjoy reading and learning about different cultures and countries, and keeping updated on current global affairs.

What really stands out for me about Benedictine University is: The welcoming environment you will find everywhere, from our office of Admissions, to Student Life, and in the classroom, everyone you meet cares about our Benedictine values of being welcoming and hospitable to all. You will find a very diverse community here, but every person is a valuable member of our community. Our International Program Office will welcome you to campus with an orientation that will get you started on a the right path to success in the American classroom and friendship with American friends, our office of Student Life will handle any concerns about housing on campus, and your professors will welcome you into the classroom and get to know you by name. Each department will make you feel like you have found a home at Benedictine!

I would describe Benedictine University as: A small, Catholic and liberal arts university, rooted in academic excellence, where faculty and staff believe in our Benedictine values, and our students find their home for the next four years.

Right now my iPod is probably playing: Dropkick Murhpy's

Michael Kalynyuk 
Transfer Admissions Counselor 

Information coming soon!


Andrew Carl
Transfer Admissions Counselor

Information coming soon!

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