Early Alert Team


The mission of the Early Alert Team (EAT) is to provide early intervention and prevention for students who are experiencing distress, engaging in harmful or disruptive behaviors, or who have been identified as at risk for personal, academic, social or financial success.


The EAT serves as a point of referral for faculty, staff, students and/or parents who are concerned about the physical, emotional, academic or financial health of a University student. The EAT can assess the situation, offer support and provide referrals to the appropriate resources on and off campus. Additionally, the EAT will provide policy and procedure recommendations when appropriate.

When to Refer a Student to the Early Alert Team:

NOTE: If there is an immediate threat to the student or others call University Police (630) 829 – 6666,  and/or 9-1-1.

If after speaking to a student about a concern, and no improvement occurs, contact the Early Alert Team, for any of the following:

  • Concern for a student's Mental Health (Example: student exhibits unusual behavior or changes in normal behavioral patterns, student is known to have stopped taking medication, etc.)
  • Concern for a student's Academic success (Example: student has stopped attending classes, changes in participation or quality of work are evident, etc.)
  • Concern of a student having Personal Difficulties (Example: student is known to have lost a close family member, family is facing severe economic hardship, student is supporting family income or providing personal care to ill family member, etc.)

How to Refer a Student to the Early Alert Team:

  • Print and complete an EAT referral form and submit to Lowink Hall Room 152
  • If you prefer, you may contact the Associate Dean for Student Development, Linda D. Owens (630) 829-6123
  • Or e-mail Linda D. Owens at lowens@ben.edu.

NOTE: In accordance with the Family and Privacy Act (FERPA), the structure is designed to allow referrals to be viewed only by those individuals who have a need to know. The information shared will not become a part of the student's permanent record. In addition, state and federal privacy laws prohibit the unauthorized disclosure of personally identifiable health information.


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