Spring 2014 Applications
January 13-31
Due Jan. 31 by 3:00 pm

Contact us
Monica Tischler, Ph.D., Chair
Michelle Mosier, Coordinator

By mail
Benedictine University
Birck Hall, Room 348
5700 College Road
Lisle, IL 60532


(630) 829-6232

(630) 829-6547

8:00 a.m.- 2:00 p.m. - M, Tu, Th, F

Health Sciences Recommendations Committee
Committee Members

For decades the University has had the policy of using a committee to write letters of recommendation for medical, dental, occupational therapy, optometry, pharmacy (4 yr), physical therapy, physician's assistant, podiatry and veterinary medicine professional schools.



The Committee members will have sign up sheets posted on their door. Committee members need to see how many applicants will be going through in a session so they can designate the appropriate amount of time for interviews.  If the applications are due on Friday, the members will begin to post their sheets on Monday.  Some members may not begin their interviews on the "interview start date".   Please be patient.  The names of the members are:

  • Ms. Jane Boumgarden (Sociology & Psychology - SH 228A) - *GROUP INTERVIEW*
  • Dr. Ed Ferroni (Biochemistry - BK 324)
  • Dr. Cheryl Mascarenhas (Chemistry - BK 323)
  • Dr. Phil Novack-Gottshall (Biology - BK 332)
  • Ms. Alice Sima (Pre-Professional Health Programs - BK 322)
  • Dr. Monica Tischler (Biology - BK 333), Chairperson

You will need to schedule appointments with all of the committee members, including Dr. Tischler. After your interviews are completed, the committee will meet to discuss your application. You will be contacted via email that the committee has met. At that time, you will need to schedule another brief appointment with Dr. Tischler to discuss your letter and career choice.

Updated September 12, 2013