Department of History, Philosophy, and Religious Studies


Susan M. Mikula, Ph.D.

Susan M. Mikula, Ph.D.

Professor (history)

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Ph.D., Syracuse University | 1974


B.A. University of Detroit | 1965

Selected Publications and Presentations

“Institutionalizing Party Systems in Multi-ethnic States: Integration and Ethnic Segmentation in Czechoslovakia, 1919-1992.” With Carol Skalnik Leff. Slavic Review 61.2 (2002): 292-314.


“Slovakia.” Academic American Encyclopedia. Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia Online, 1997.


“The Relations Between Czechs and Slovaks in the First Republic.” Slovakia 35.64-65 (1994): 78-96.


“Dr. Milan Hodza so svetle archivnych dokumentov z archivov USA.” Milan Hodza: Stanik a politik. Bratislava: SAV, 1992.


“The Politics of Frustration: The Slovak Political Experience 1918-1938.” Reflections on Slovak History. Eds. Stanislas J. Kirschbaum and Anne C. Roman. Toronto: Slovak World Congress, 1987. 73-88.


“Milan Hodza and the Politics of Power, 1907-1914.” Slovak Politics: Essays on Slovak History in Honour of Joseph M. Kirschbaum. Ed. Stanislas J. Kirschbaum.  Toronto: Slavic Institute Press, 1983. 42-63.

Courses Taught

20th Century Europe, 1900-Present
The Contemporary World
Converging Hemispheres
Modern Eastern Europe
Modern European Economic History
Modern Russia
Women in American Society
Senior Thesis