Department of History, Philosophy, and Global Studies

Majors and Minors

The Department of History, Philosophy, and Religious Studies offers programs of study in the following six areas:

Global Studies major and minor

An interdisciplinary field that examines the forces that tie the world together, Global Studies focuses on the social, economic, cultural, and political processes that link disparate regions and localities to one another.

History major and minor

Students in the Department's History program learn to analyze and interpret written documents, oral communication, and objects such as buildings, artifacts, photographs, and paintings, as a way to comprehend continuity and change over time.

Philosophy major and minor

The academic discipline of philosophy explores the deepest and most enduring human questions concerning reality, knowledge, language, and the meaning of goodness, value, truth, and beauty.

Religious Studies minor only

An interdisciplinary field, Religious Studies draws upon the arts, humanities, and social sciences in order to develop a greater understanding of how the religious has been—and continues to be—manifest in human history and culture.

Social Science major and minor

The major in Social Science offers a broad introduction to the various social sciences and is an excellent choice for teaching certificate candidates who wish to teach social studies at the secondary level.

Theology major, minor, and certificate

Theology is a rigorous academic discipline which explores God and the relationship between God and humans in light of scripture, tradition, and reason.

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