Department of History, Philosophy, and Religious Studies


Christine Isom-Verhaaren, Ph.D.

Christine Isom-Verhaaren, Ph.D.                         

Instructor (history, core/humanities)

Kindlon 157
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office | 630.829.6271
fax | 630.829.6251


Ph.D., University of Chicago | 1997


M.A., University of Chicago | 1991


M.L.S., Brigham Young University | 1977


B.A., Brigham Young University | 1976

Selected Publications

Allies with the Infidel: The Ottoman and French Alliance in the Sixteenth Century
. London: I.B. Tauris & Co. Ltd, 2011.


“Süleyman and Mihrimah: The Favorite's Daughter.” Journal of Persianate Studies 4.1 (2011): 64-85.


“Constructing Ottoman Identity in the Reigns of Mehmed II and Bayezid II: Transforming Balkan Elites into Ottomans.” Turkish Studies Association Journal (2008).


“‘Barbarossa and his army who came to succor all of us’: Ottoman and French Views of Their Joint Campaign of 1543-44.” French Historical Studies (2007): 395-425.


“Royal French Women in the Ottoman Sultans’ Harem: The Political Uses of Fabricated Accounts from the Sixteenth to the Twenty-first Centuries.” Journal of World History (2006): 159-96.


“Shifting Identities: Foreign State Servants in France and the Ottoman Empire,” Journal of Early Modern History (2004): 109-34.


“An Ottoman Report about Martin Luther and the Emperor: New Evidence of the Ottoman Interest in the Protestant Challenge to the Power of Charles V.” Turcica (1996): 299-318.