Department of History, Philosophy, and Religious Studies

Careers for Students

A wide variety of careers, ranging from law and business to education and public service, are available to students who choose to major in one of the Department's programs.

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Careers for Global Studies students

A major in Global Studies will prepare you for a career in law, government service, work with NGOs (Non Governmental Organizations), diplomacy, foreign service, or international business. The major is also an excellent preparation for graduate and professional schools.

Careers for History students

History majors are well-equipped for careers in any field. Because the history major is one who is well trained in critical reading, writing and research skills, as well as possessing a familiarity with foreign languages (completion to intermediate level) and having heightened cultural awareness of diverse populations and histories globally, the student graduating with a major in history is ready for a career in law, public service, industry, education or the arts.

Careers for Philosophy students

To study philosophy is to begin living 'an examined life' – and to prepare oneself for a career in law, business, medicine, public service, or education. A major or minor in philosophy will help strengthen your abilities to organize ideas and issues and to draw reasonable, workable and justifiable conclusions from complex information, beliefs, or data. You will learn a host of transferable cognitive skills: logic and persuasion, problem formulation and solution, conceptual analysis, and improved reading and writing skills – all of which are of enormous value in any career.

Careers for Religious Studies students

Religious Studies minors may elect to follow the path of their major; however, the minor can help them pursue careers in education, ministry, and journalism, to name a few.

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Careers for Social Science majors

An excellent choice for students preparing to teach social studies in secondary schools, the major in Social Science is designed to help students in the Teacher Education program meet the Illinois State Board of Education certification requirements for Social Studies teachers.

Careers for Theology students

Students who major in theology can go into ministry or on to graduate school, but the study of theology can also serve as surprisingly useful preparation for careers in fields as diverse as medicine, business, education, non-profit work, or law. The theology major at Benedictine is designed especially for the lay person, no matter which professional path they eventually choose. Theology is useful to any career which requires critical thinking, analysis, writing, and teamwork. In short, a theology major, minor, or certificate will help you both to choose a good way to make a living and to construct a virtuous human life.