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Message from the Director

Dear Colleagues and Friends:

Benedictine University, as a Catholic institution of higher learning, supports the Catholic character and traditions of its historically religious background. Our faculty, staff, students, and administrators have long since embraced the Benedictine values. As we move into a new era for the university, we continue to incorporate those values while embracing the Catholic context from which they were derived. Combining therefore the Catholic Intellectual Tradition with the Benedictine Wisdom Tradition of which we are familiar, we can accomplish what our founders created while moving towards a Benedictine University whose excellence in science, international programs, and liberal arts teaching is truly enveloped in the Catholic and Benedictine tradition.

Since the adoption of Pope John Paul II's Apostolic Encyclical Ex corde Ecclesiae in 1990, Catholic institutions of higher education have been examining their structures and programs to ensure alignment with the expectations of the Church with their teachings. All schools were held to this new system of self-evaluation which incorporates a focus on bringing the Catholicity of the institution to the forefront. We were asked to create an academic environment which fostered the connection to the faith while demonstrating the connection between intellectual activity and the search for truth. John Paul II often referred to the need for a new type of fostering the faith that was to be a part of all aspects of university life and the Church itself – the "New Evangelization."

The Center for Mission and Identity (CMI) is Benedictine University's answer to the challenge. Since 2005, CMI through the passion and grace of interested faculty, staff and administrators, has tirelessly worked to articulate and enhance the Catholic and Benedictine identity of the institution through educational and professional venues. The Center continues to reinforce the Catholic and Benedictine mission and character of Benedictine University by articulating, developing, and assessing its relationship with the Church, other faiths, educational practices, and leadership formation opportunities achieving our aspirations to:

  1. Promote Benedictine stewardship in respect for God's creation.
  2. Provide opportunities for dialogue with internal and external interreligious demonstrating our Benedictine value of hospitality and Catholic respect for religious freedom and human dignity.
  3. Support research concerning Catholic and Benedictine pedagogy to enrich our academics fostering discussions about the relationship between faith and learning.
  4. Develop and maintain campus-based orientation and leadership formation programs designed to examine, explore and reinforce key elements of our Catholic and Benedictine mission and institutional Catholicity.

By sharing a genuine desire and spirit, we hope to continue to nurture the sacramental nature of the Catholic faith on our campus in the memory and mission of the monks who came before us and so we are true to our school's motto,

In Omnibus Glorificetur Deus – That in all things God may be glorified.

Alicia Cordoba Tait, D.M.A.
Assistant to the President for Mission Integration
Director, Center for Mission and Identity


Alicia Cordoba Tait, D.M.A Assistant to the President for Mission Integration Director

Phone: (630) 829-6324
e-mail: cmi@ben.edu
5700 College Road Lisle IL, 60532