Office of the Registrar
Policy Information

Academic Policy Approved for Implementation
(Effective Fall 2009)

Repetition of Courses

For courses taken at Benedictine University, undergraduate students that are degree seeking or students-at-large may repeat a course in which they received grades of W, D, or F no more than two times.  Students may not repeat any course in which they receive a grade of C or better.  When a course is repeated for credit, the earlier earned grade remains on the student's permanent record and will appear on all transcripts.  Only the last enrollment and earned grade will be used in computing the cumulative grade point average and awarding of credit.  If a student wishes to repeat a course originally taken at Benedictine University and in which an earned grade was received, the repeat must be a course at Benedictine University.  A repeat may not be by independent study or at another institution.  The Academic Standing Committee may provide exceptions to this policy.  An earned grade is a grade of A, B, C, D, and F.

Students who have graduated may not repeat a course for credit in which they earned a grade of A, B, C, or D previously. A student who has graduated may only audit a course in which they previously earned credit.

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