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WW2 (2)

Hon. Manuel Barbosa, J.D., C69, Literature
Donna Hrozencik, M.D., C82, Biochemistry
Raymond Konopka, C89, Computer Science
Jeffrey K. Swallow, Ph.D. '08, Organizational Development

Rising Stars
Joseph Baldino, D.C., F.I.A.F.N.R., C99 Biology
Bridget (Carpenter) Cale, C98, Accounting
Mark Connelly, C00, Management
David Do, J.D., C98, Health Science
Nina (Oberoi) Goyal, M.D., C98, Biology
Tim Hayden, J.D., C06, Political Science
Kathryn Loritz, M.S.'00, C96, Communication Arts
Dan Martinez, M.B.A.'10, C06, Management and Organizational Behavior
Keeli (Ellison) Mickus, C97, Literature
Cleamon Moorer, D.B.A., M.B.A.'01, M.S.'01, Management and Organizational Behavior
Mario Parker, C05, Communication Arts
Betsy (Willet) Petrovic, C00, Marketing
Christopher Pohlman, C99, Finance
Lloyd "Jeff" Shields, C00, History
Omer Sultan, C97, Biology
Michael Ulleweit, J.D., C92, Accounting
Kimberly Waichulis, M.S.'01, Management and Organizational Behavior

To read the full bio of each nominee, click here.

In order to be considered for a Visionary award, nominees should

  1. Be a Benedictine University, Illinois Benedictine College or St. Procopious College alumnus.
  2. Have reached the pinnacle of their respective career field.  
  3. Have made a significant impact through leadership in their community and philanthropic endeavors. 
  4. Demonstrate a commitment to maintaining a relationship with Benedictine University.
In order to be considered for a Rising Star award, nominees should:
  1. Be a Illinois Benedictine College or Benedictine University alumnus.
  2. Have earned an undergraduate degree from a collegiate institution within the last 20 years (1995-present).
  3. Have made a considerable impact in their respective career field. 
  4. Display a growing commitment  to community and philanthropic endeavors. 
  5. Demonstrate a commitment to maintaining a relationship with Benedictine University.

Please submit 2015 nominee bios, headshots, and qualifications to Adrianna Saccone  or Trente Arens by October 15, 2014. Completed nominations are reviewed by the Office of University Development. All nominations are taken into account, however, a limited number of individuals will be selected. We will keep all remaining nominations for future consideration.


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