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College of Science Alumni Award Winners

On April 12th, over 100 guests came together to share food and drink with friends and faculty from the College of Science.  That evening, three College of Science alumni were honored for their accomplishments in their respective fields.  Donald J. Wyma, Ph.D. (C97), Thomas W. Appelquist, Ph.D. (C63), and Donald M. Stablein, Ph.D. (C75) all received an Alumni Achievement Award.   

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Donald J. Wyma, Ph.D.
Biochemistry, C'97

Dr. Wyma was nominated for the Biological Sciences Alumni Acheivement Award by his former professor, Ed Ferroni. He has led a unique and impressive career that includes pharma consulting, project management, and operations. After graduating from Benedictine University with a degree in Biochemistry and minor in Biology, Dr. Wyma went on to receive his Ph.D. in Microbiology & Immunology from Vanderbilt University. There he worked on HIV and also did a post-doctoral fellowship at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, GA, where he worked on Rift Valley Fever and Ebola viruses.  Dr. Wyma spent almost a decade in various leadership positions within the Department of Defense and the U.S. Intelligence Community.  He currently works at AbbVie as Assistant Director of Planning and Portfolio Support.  In this role he is currently leading the drug development process from discovery to product launch.

Thomas W. Appelquist, Ph.D.
Physics, C'63

Dr. Thomas Appelquist received his Phyics degree from St. Procopius College in 1963, under the leadership of Fr. William Shonka. He continued to receive his Ph.D. in theoretical particle physics from Cornell University in 1968. As the Eugene Higgins Professor of Physics at Yale University, his research has focused on the theory of elementary particles. Among his contributions are his work predicting the existence of the J/Psi particle, the formulation of the decoupling theorem in quantum field theory, the study of quantum effects in Kaluza-Klein theories, the development of the electroweak chiral lagrangian, the proposal of walking technicolor theories, the idea of universal extra dimensions, and the study of conformal symmetry in gauge field theories using lattice simulations. He was also presented with the Distinguished Alumni Award at commencement in 2002.

Donald M. Stablein, Ph.D.
Mathematics, C'75

After receiving his degree in Mathematics from Illinois Benedictine College , Dr. Stablein went on to earn a Ph.D. in biostatistics from the Medical College of Virginia where he began his career there as an Assistant Professor in biostatistics. He joined EMMES in 1980 as a staff statistician; in 1992 he became President of the company.  Dr. Stablein is a statistical editor of the Journal of the National Cancer Institute and a fellow of the American Statistical Society. He serves as a member of multiple Data and Safety Monitoring Boards including the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development Maternal Fetal Medicine Network. He was appointed by the Secretary of Health and Human Services to serve on the National Advisory Commission on Organ Transplantation and has over 100 publications to his credit.

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