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Benedictine University Postcard Project

Registration is closed! We've reached our capacity for volunteers. If you would like to sign up for next year's Postcard Project, please complete the form below.

What is the Postcard Project?

What can you do on a train, in your home, outside or even with fellow alumni? The Postcard Project is an opportunity for you to give back to your alma mater in a fun, quick and simple way! By donating a few minutes of your time by writing postcards you'll share your experiences as a student and alum of Benedictine University with students who have been admitted to Benedictine University, but have not committed to attend. A postcard from a friendly alumnus will highlight the impact Benedictine University has made on your own life, which will hopefully impact the prospective students' decision to choose Benedictine. With your participation, you can volunteer from afar and demonstrate our tradition of hospitality by sending personalized postcards to prospective Eagles! 

Personal contact with admitted students is an integral part of our recruitment process. As alumni of Benedictine University, it is our job to cherish the past while nourishing our University's future. This project is open to all alumni living in the United States and registration begins in November. The Office of Alumni Development will receive the list of admitted students in January and then supply alumni volunteers with contact information for the students, blank postcards with pre-paid postage, sample verbiage to get you started and a timeline for sending the postcards. When possible, alumni will be paired with students who went to the same high school or have similar academic or extracurricular interests. We ask that our alumni volunteers send postcards to at least 10 students, but you are welcome to send more!

To donate your time with the Postcard Project, please complete the following form to help us match you with a future flock of Eagles! In January the Office of Alumni Development will contact you to confirm your participation. Thank you for helping us demonstrate the true meaning of Benedictine hospitality!

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For more information on the Postcard Project, contact Sarah Rysell at or (630) 829-6083.

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