Benedictine University
Tuition and Fees
Traditional Undergraduate Semester (SEM) Programs
Tuition and Fees
Full-Time Students
(12-18 credit hours)
Year Total $28,240
  Semester Tuition $13,570
  Semester Mandatory fees $550

Overload Tuition Fee
(per credit hour over 18)
Equal to semester hour part-time rate

Part-Time Students
(1-11 credit hours)
Tuition (per credit hour) $905
  Technology fee (per credit hour) $15
  Health fee (4-11 credit hours) $40

Summer Tuition (per credit hour) $865

Audit (no credit) Tuition (per credit hour) $450

Room and Board Charges per Semester
Residence Halls Jaeger Hall $2,800
  Neuzil Hall $3,170
  Ondrak Hall $2,800
  Residence Hall Meal Plans (160 meals plus $150 Munch Money or 140 meals plus $200 Munch Money)
Sample charges for incoming freshmen living in Ondrak or Jaeger Halls: $8,280/year
  Cancellation fee $200
  Private room surcharge (per term) $500
  Room change fee $50
  Security deposit $125

Founders' Woods 4 BR, 2 BTH (per person) $3,650
  2 BR, 1 BTH (per person) $4,140
  2 BR, 2 BTH (per person) $4,370
  1 BR, 1 BTH (per person) $5,520
  Founders' Woods Meal Plan (25 meals)
All full-time undergraduate students receive $15 Munch Money and two meals.
  Cancellation fee $300
  Room change fee $100
  Security deposit $125

Course-related Charges per Semester
 (Nonrefundable after the first week of the semester)

  Applied Music (per credit hour) $315
  Biology lab $130
  Chemistry Lab $160
  Communication $45-$60
  Computer Science lab $10
  Education lab $30-$45
  Education student teaching (per course) - Elementary/Secondary $125
  Education student teaching (per course) - Special Education $62.50
  Environmental lab $400
  Exercise Physiology $130
  Fine Arts $30-$75
  Mathematics lab $60
  Music $10-$200
  Natural Science lab $130-$160
  Nutrition lab $160
  Physics lab $100
  Professional liability insurance market rate
  Statistics $35
 All course related charges subject to change. See the current course schedule for updates.

Administrative Service Charges
  Administrative fee $250
  Advance placement credit posting fee (per examination credited) $20
  C.L.E.P. posting fee (per examination credited) $20
  Certification fee $25
  Duplicate Diploma fee $25
  Diploma red cover $10
  Express transcript mailing (per address) $30
  Graduation fee $125
  Immediate academic transcript fee (in 24 hours) $20
  Late payment/registration fee $100
  New student orientation fee $100
  Placement test posting fee $10
  Special Examination $5
  Transcript fee $5
  Work/Life Experience fee (per credit hour granted) $100
 All tuition remission students and consortium students must pay applicable fees such as activity, graduation, health, technology and lab fees. All fees are subject to change without further notice.