Scholarships for Transfer Students

Scholarships are a great way to help pay for your education. Benedictine University has over 75 scholarships that have been established for various reason, but all of them have been established to help meet financial needs of our students. Additionally, there are a number of third-party organizations providing scholarships, visit Financial Aid's list of external scholarships to learn more.

Merit-based Scholarships

Benedictine Scholars Program Award

Amount $14,500 per year
Awarded by the Scholars Program selection committee to a limited number of incoming students. It is recommended that transfer students have a maximum of 60 semester credit hours and a minimum 3.2/4.0 cumulative GPA. Students must have completed a minimum of four years of foreign language at the high school level. Students eligible for this award must commit to attending Benedictine University for a minimum of two academic years.
Renewability Continued participation in the Scholars Program; cumulative 3.2/4.0 GPA; full-time enrollment

St. Benedict Award

Amount Up to $13,500 per year according to the following scale:
GPA - Award Per Year
3.75-4.00 - $12,400
3.51-3.74 - $10,600
3.26-3.50 - $9,000
3.00-3.25 - $7,500
2.75-2.99 - $6,000
Eligibility Cumulative college 2.75/4.0 GPA for transfer students; full-time enrollment.
Renewability Cumulative 3.0/4.0 GPA; full-time enrollment

Phi Theta Kappa Award

Amount Students with a 3.51-4.0 cumulative GPA will receive a St. Benedict Award (in the amount listed above) an additional Phi Theta Kappa Award in the amount of $2,500. Students with a 3.00-3.50 cumulative GPA will receive a St. Benedict Award (in the amount listed above) and an additional Phi Theta Kappa Award in the amount of $1,500.
Eligibility Member Phi Theta Kappa; Cumulative 3.0/4.0 GPA; Full-time enrollment.
Renewability Cumulative 3.25/4.0 GPA; full-time enrollment

Family Recognition Award

Amount Up to $1,500 per year dependent on other institutional awards
Eligibility Incoming students of alumni parents and/or grandparents and with sibling(s) currently enrolled in the traditional undergraduate program or sibling(s) is a Benedictine University alumnus of the traditional undergraduate program.
Renewability Full-time enrollment

Music Scholarship

Amount Up to $4,000 per year
Eligibility Successful completion of a music audition with the Music department; declared major or minor in music.
Renewability Maintain a 3.0 GPA; enroll in at least one music course per semester with music department advisor approval; full-time enrollment

Out-of-State Award

Amount Up to $4,000 per year
Eligibility Residents of a state other than Illinois who will reside on campus; FAFSA Completion; financial need.
Renewability Full-time enrollment and campus resident

Second Chance Award

Amount $6,300
Eligibility Benedictine is giving students a "second chance." Current GPA of 3.0; Incoming transfer student; Cumulative GPA too low to be considered for another merit-based scholarship.
Renewability Full-time enrollment

Please Note

  • Full-time enrollment is defined as 12 or more semester hours per term.
  • Final transcripts must be received no later than 30 days after the first day of the term in which you are enrolled.
  • Student financial aid programs, terms and conditions are subject to change without notice or obligation.
  • The Benedictine Scholars Program Award and the St. Benedict Transfer Award are mutually exclusive and may not be combined.
  • Incoming sophomores: Limited to a maximum of three years or six terms of institutional awards.
  • Incoming juniors: Limited to a maximum of two years or four terms of institutional awards.
  • Incoming seniors: Limited to a maximum of one year or two terms of institutional awards.
  • In most cases, there is a limit to institutional awards.
  • Students seeking a second degree or second major do not qualify for these scholarships.
  • Students from the Benedictine University at Springfield branch campus are not eligible for these scholarships as they qualify for special tuition rates.
  • Students who have a previous bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree are not eligible for these scholarships.
  • Institutional awards are applicable to the cost of tuition only.