Interdisciplinary Programs
Medical Humanities

The Medical Humanities major integrates study in the sciences, humanities, and social sciences with a view to helping students
think about how to practice medical science both ethically
and humanely.

studyingAbout Medical Humanities at Benedictine University

The twenty-first century academic discipline known as Medical Humanities reflects the increasing emphasis in graduate and medical education on interdisciplinary knowledge, and on the training of future medical practitioners who are ethically and psychologically informed as well as expert in the sciences.

Housed in the College of Liberal Arts, the Benedictine University Medical Humanities major was designed by an interdisciplinary team of faculty from the Colleges of Science and Liberal Arts to foster a spirit of collaboration between students and faculty; to educate future scholars and professionals who are both accomplished in their fields and engaged, responsible global citizens; and to promote the creation of a medical community that regards patients and practitioners as whole persons.

The Medical Humanities program aims to

  • foster students' awareness of the interconnectedness and relevance to life of the various academic disciplines.
  • to expose students to ideas and practices that "humanize" medical science and ground humanistic knowledge in the life sciences.
  • Stethoscope and bookto encourage students to recognize the connections between practical knowledge, ethical values, and professionalism.

With its "MCAT core" requirements balanced by student-selected coursework in the College of Liberal Arts, the Benedictine University Medical Humanities major specifically targets ambitious, accomplished students who have multiple talents and interests, and whose post-baccalaureate goals include either medical school or graduate study in Medical Humanities or related fields. Because it requires students to consider the relationship between courses and concentrations, to self-design program elements and capstone projects, and to work closely with faculty advisors, the major builds on and enhances Benedictine University's tradition of faculty accessibility and student research.


To learn more about the program requirements for the Medical Humanities major, click here.

To view the Medical Humanities major checklist, click here. opens in new window

For additional information about Medical Humanities, please contact the Program Director, Dr. Elizabeth Kubek.


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