Majors in Art
The Fine Arts Major

This is a studio art degree for that student who is serious about becoming an exhibiting artist as a career. The art curriculum is more extended and advanced to include more studio art courses to facilitate a student’s mastery of a chosen medium as well as more academic courses in Art History, Art Criticism and Aesthetics. This Benedictine degree also has the benefit of a 2+2 agreement with the College of DuPage; their faculty and their facilities are essential mergers for this degree.

The recommended course of action to obtain this degree (but not limited to it) is to attend the College of DuPage for the first two years to earn an AFA (Associate of Fine Arts) degree. After the AFA is acquired then the student will apply for admission to the BFA at Benedictine. The structure is such that both the Benedictine and COD faculties and facilities will be used in the final two years of the degree—the need and goal is to make the degree as “seamless” as possible for students between the two campuses. The other perk for the BFA, when acquired with the above 2+2 structure, is the tuition rate will be similar to that of Northern Illinois University and the University of Illinois at Chicago.