William Scarlato

William Scarlato, The Sower (Engraving)William Scarlato is a professor of Art and has been teaching at the University since 1990. He has also taught at the University of New Hampshire in Durham, NH, and at the two locations of New England College located in New Hampshire and West Sussex, England. He has a BFA degree with a concentration in painting from Northern Arizona University, and an MFA degree with a concentration in printmaking from Yale University. He has exhibited his artwork in galleries as well as in regional and national exhibitions; his artwork is also represented in public and private collections. Professor Scarlato has taught studio and academic subjects at a variety of levels, including courses in drawing, oil painting, and all courses in printmaking offered at the university.  He also teaches Fundamentals of Design, Figure Drawing, all advanced levels of drawing and painting, Senior Seminar: Theory and Criticism, Art Appreciation, and the Creativity, Art and Culture course in the Scholar's Program.

"I am very fortunate that I have been able to teach at Benedictine University for over two decades. Teaching is an intense and all-consuming experience. My life has benefited from teaching in two primary ways: Accepting the responsibility of teaching has served to ground me spiritually. Teaching is a deeply moral act. In my estimation its importance is akin to the responsibility of being a parent. It has given me much satisfaction to see that I can make a significant difference in the lives of my students. The other aspect of teaching that I have benefited from is its power to influence my own art making. What I lecture on in the classroom will often end up in my pictures. This is especially true for the foundation courses where the fundamentals of representation continue to instruct me as to what the great masters, of the traditional and contemporary periods, deemed worthy to be in a picture."

Hai Ri Han

Hai Ri HanHai Ri Han is an assistant professor of graphic arts and design and joined the Benedictine art faculty in 2011. She received an M.F.A. in Visual Communications Design from Purdue University and previously taught graphic design at Western Kentucky University. Her teaching interests include print design, typography, computer animation, and webdesign. As a design educator, she emphasizes the development of each student's personal artistic vision, experimental expression, craftsmanship, and conceptual problem solving.

In addition to teaching, she continues to work in the field of graphic arts and design, primarily for artists books, print design, and motion graphics. Professor Han's award-winning work has been recognized in many national and regional juried exhibitions. Her creative work explores the emotional interaction of visual storytelling by combining traditional skills with modern digital technologies. Currently, she is a member of the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA), the Illinois Higher Education Art Association (IHEAA), the Society of Typographic Arts (STA), and the University and College Designers Association (UCDA).

Teresa J. Parker

Teresa J. ParkerTeresa J. Parker is Curator of Exhibitions and University Art Collections and also teaches studio art and art history at the University. She has exhibited her artwork throughout the United States, Asia, Latin America; and is the recipient of numerous awards, including grants from the National Endowment of Humanities, the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and the Illinois Art Council. She received MFA and MS degrees in printmaking and drawing from Illinois State University in Normal, IL, and a BFA in painting and printmaking from Miami University in Oxford, OH.

Parker has earned acclaim through her curatorial experiences with Curtis Allen Turner Fine Arts (Chicago) and for serving as the founding director of Parker Press, Curator/Interim Director for Elmhurst Art Museum, and Director/Curator of the Crown Center Gallery at Loyola University, Chicago. In addition to curating over one hundred fifty exhibitions of contemporary art for galleries, universities and museums, she has curated several international exchange exhibitions. Parker's continuing interest in women's and children's rights led her to work as Art Consultant for AKTSinc., a not-for-profit organization concerned with promoting the welfare of indigenous Micronesian women and children. From 2007-2009, she also directed the Coral Rose Foundation, a not-for-profit organization devoted to the social and artistic preservation of indigenous cultures.


Adjunct Art Faculty

Karen Brooks

Karen BrooksKaren Brooks teaches calligraphy for Benedictine's art programs. With an undergraduate degree in education from the University of Wisconsin–Eau, Brooks first began studying calligraphy and lettering in 1984 and subsequently joined the Chicago Calligraphy Collective. Since then, she has attended numerous international conferences and workshops, exhibited work at Chicago's Newberry Library and other venues, and continued to study with local and international calligraphers.Brooks has served as President of the International Association of Master Penman, Engrossers, and Teachers of Handwriting and is currently working to be recognized as a Master Penman.

Vince Lucarelli

Vince Lucarelli, Vince Lucarelli received his bachelor's degree in photography from the Institute of Design at the Illinois Institute of Technology. He studied with Jay Doblin, Aaron Siskind, Arthur Siegel and Joe Jachna, who were among the most notable Design and Photography instructors of their time. His professional background spans 40 years in the fields of audio-visual communications, including audio recording, video production, and traditional still photography.

Lucarelli's philosophy is heavily influenced by the Bauhaus School. The surrealist themes of some his images reflect additional interests in science fiction and the work of Jules Verne and Rudyard Kipling. Lucarelli views his role in the classroom as a facilitator, one who enables students to develop their own ideas and visions once they have mastered composition, lighting, and the operation of a camera.

David MarcetDavid Marcet,

A figurative artist who hails from Chicago, David Marcet received his MFA from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2005 and a BFA in Painting from Drake University in 1997, under the tutelage of Jules Kirschenbaum.

During the course of his studies, Marcet was awarded the University's New York Studio residency award, affording him the opportunity to spend a semester in New York painting. While there, he interned at Pierogi in Williamsburg and the Triangle Arts Association in DUMBO .Upon graduating from the Savannah College of Art and Design, he received the award for Outstanding Academic Achievement, an award given to just one student in every graduating class.

Marcet is an unapologetic painter of the figure whose major influences include Caravaggio, Tom Waits, and Monty Python. His work combines loose painterly expression with tight articulation of the human form. Most recently, his work has dealt with the complex relationship that exists between the artist, his or her subject, and the viewer.

Jennifer Scavone

Jennifer Scavone, Jennifer Scavone teaches courses in Art Appreciation and Drawing at Benedictine. She received her M.A. in painting from Northern Illinois University in DeKalb in 1989 and a B.A. with a concentration in painting and drawing, as well as a minor in education, from St. Xavier College (now St. Xavier University) in Chicago in 1982. Prior to her time at Benedictine, she worked as an art educator and art administrator for ten years in Hinsdale District 86, where she taught Drawing, Painting, Advanced Placement Art History, and Art Foundations, as well as developing the district's Interdisciplinary Art Resource Program.

In addition to participating in regional juried art competitions and exhibitions, Scavone has written, received and administered grants, and has served as juror to several art shows and competitions, as well as chairing selection committees for scholarship awards. She has specialized in writing assessment plans and goals for the Illinois Art Education Association and District 86. Her professional interests include the development of alternative, authentic assessment tools and the quality supervision of art educators.

Scavone has served as a board member of the Illinois Art Education Association, in addition to working as the Illinois Art Education Association's Secondary Schools Division Coordinator. She was awarded the Professional Educator Excellence Award by the Hinsdale South Teacher's Association, the Distinguished Student Service Award by St. Xavier College, and the Hinsdale South Art Department was named Best School Art program in the state of Illinois by the Illinois Art Education Association while Jennifer was Art Department Chairperson.


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July 15, 2014
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