Ben Card

The BenCard is Benedictine University’s faculty, staff and student identification card. Every Benedictine student, faculty and staff member is issued a BenCard, which serves as your official University photo identification card – plus a whole lot more!

Ben Card
Student Banking

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Student BenCard

Ben Card

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Staff BenCard

The BenCard is required as identification when using University facilities or participating in University-sponsored events. For students, the BenCard is your key to campus living.

Use your BenCard in the following ways:

  • As a library card to access electronic resources and check out materials at the Benedictine University Library
  • To eat in the Krasa Dining Room, the Coal Ben and the Kindlon Coffee Shop.
  • To gain admittance to your residence hall (resident students only).
  • To perform banking functions at any Plus ATM merchant nationwide when you activate our BenCard to become your U.S. Bank ATM card.
  • At the Barnes & Noble at Benedictine University bookstore as a debit card if your BenCard is linked to your U.S. Bank checking account.
  • For students, faculty and staff to gain access to the Benedictine University Fitness Center.
  • To gain admittance to the Moser Center (Moser Center faculty and staff only).

The BenCard is user-friendly, multi-functional and secure. All students, staff and faculty are issued a BenCard regardless of their banking choice. Lisle campus and Moser Center faculty and staff and all students may pick up their BenCard at the Benedictine University Police office located in the lower level of the parking garage. The office is open 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

You MUST bring your driver’s license and show it to the University Police for verification when picking up your BenCard.

All students, faculty and staff must have their PeopleSoft ID number with them when picking up a BenCard. 

Students should contact Enrollment Services at (630) 829-6500 if an ID number is needed.

On-line students can send an e-mail to with their name, address, student ID number, and a photo (just a head shot) in the jpeg format. The BenCard will be mailed to the student within 3-4 days.

Human Resources will email faculty and staff their ID number. Please contact Theresa Oldham or Victoria Victorenko in Human Resources for more information. 

The BenCard is yours to use, but it remains the property of Benedictine University. The card may be used for such purposes as the University designates and may be revoked at any time. It is not transferable under any condition and should not be used by any other individual at any time. This card must be carried at all times while on University property. The card must be presented and/or surrendered upon demand by University officials; failure to do so, lending of this card to anyone, or other misuse, is a violation of this policy and may result in suspension of the card. The card is void upon termination of enrollment and/or employment. 

If your BenCard is lost, there is a University Police reprinting fee/replacement cost of $50 for resident student cards and $10 for all other cards.

Banking with US Bank

U.S. Bank is a one-stop shop for all your financial needs on and off campus. When you choose to bank with U.S. Bank, you will have unparalleled access to your funds through:

  • Two U.S. Bank ATMs located on campus: one in the Krasa Center and another in Kindlon Hall
  • Two branches in Naperville:
    • 136 S Washington (630) 983-8800
    • 1230 S Naper Blvd (630) 983-3970
    • More than 3,000 other branches nationwide
  • 24 Hour Banking Services via phone at 800-US BANKS (872-2657) and Web at
  • Your BenCard - use your BenCard to access cash at ATMs and make PIN-debit purchases from your U.S. Bank checking account.

Understanding Your Ben Card

Your BenCard holds a variety of information. Please refer to this guide to determine what each section means. You can also refer to the BenCard FAQs if you have additional questions.

On the front of the BenCard you will find your University ID number. In the example to the right, the University ID number is outlined in red, directly below your name.

Ernie BenCard Front

Front of BenCard


On the back of the BenCard you will find your ISO Number, the Expiration Sticker and your Library ID and Barcode.

  • The ISO Number is outlined in black in the example to the right. Your ISO Number is used by U.S. Bank to link your BenCard to your U.S. Bank checking account.
  • Your Expiration Sticker will be applied by University Police and can be found in the top right, outlined in green in the example
  • Your Library ID and Barcode are found along the bottom of the card, outlined in blue on the example. This number and barcode will be used to check out items from the campus library.
Back of BenCard


Do I have to bank with U.S. Bank in order to use my BenCard as an ATM card?
Yes, Benedictine University has partnered exclusively with U.S. Bank to bring you this convenient access to your checking account.

  • I am enrolled in an online program. How do I obtain a student ID?
    The University’s identity theft protocol requires printing ID cards with photos. To get a University photo ID, online students must come to campus to have a picture taken.
  • Do I need to come to the Dining Services office to get my BenCard encoded so I may use my meal plan?
    If you are on an existing active meal plan - no. This will already be completed when you pick up your BenCard from the University Police. If you do not currently have a meal plan, and would like one, please visit Dining Services.
  • How can I access my U.S. Bank checking account?
    U.S. Bank has a full service branch near the campus at 136 S Washington in downtown Naperville and two ATMs on campus.  The ATMS are located in the Krasa Student Center and Kindlon Hall. You can also access your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week online at or by calling 800-US BANKS.
  • In addition, you can access funds in your account using your BenCard as an ATM or PIN-debit card. Anytime you use your BenCard and enter your four-digit PIN, money is deducted directly from your U.S. Bank checking account.
  • Once I open a student checking account, how do I activate the ATM portion of my BenCard?
    Once you receive your BenCard, talk to a banker to link it to your U.S. Bank account. You can then activate the ATM portion at any U.S. Bank ATM or over the phone at 800-US BANKS.
  • How do I link my BenCard to U.S. Bank?
    If you are interested in linking your BenCard to a U.S. Bank account, you may go directly to the downtown Naperville U.S. Bank branch at 136 S. Washington at any time after obtaining your BenCard. 
    You must bring your Ben Card and driver's license with you and a minimum deposit of $25 is required to open an account. U.S. Bank will link to your BenCard the same day you open your account.
  • How do I change the PIN on my BenCard or U.S. Bank Visa Check Card?
    All U.S. Bank ATMs are equipped with the ability to change Personal Identification Numbers (PIN). See a banker for more details.
  • What do I do if I lose my BenCard?
    First, immediately report the card lost to the Benedictine University Police at (630) 829-6122. Second, contact the U.S. Bank branch during normal business hours at (630) 983-8800. If lost any other time, contact 24 hour customer service at 800-US BANKS. U.S. Bank will immediately deactivate the ATM portion of your BenCard. Once you get a replacement card from the Benedictine University Police, call the branch to have the new card attached to your checking account.
  • What is an ISO number?
    An ISO number is the 16-digit number used by U.S. Bank to link your BenCard to your U.S. Bank checking account. The number can be found on the back of your BenCard next to the U.S. Bank logo.

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